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Reason for block:

Dear user Perimex,

you have been adding “proposed” railways and highways to OpenStreetMap, for example here:

While we do occasionally record proposed features in OSM, the proposal needs to be solid and verifiable. For example, if the city council publishes details of a proposed route and citizens are invited to comment, that would be a valid thing to add to OSM (copyright permitting).

“proposed” features may not be added if the proposal is simply one of many possible alternatives, or even the idea of a single organisation or an individual. Each proposed feature must have a verifiable source that other people can look at. If the proposal is not precise enough to draw something on a map (e.g. “we propose to build a city bypass south of the river”) then you cannot add it to OSM because OSM has no option of adding imprecise data.

In the future, when you add “proposed” features, please specify the source of the data in a form that others can check. Don’t add your own suggestions or ideas to OSM as “proposed” features. You can use a service like to draw different proposals on top of an OSM map without committing them to the core database.

You have been asked by members of the Polish community about your edits (, see also but your responses were not satisfactory; it seems that you are the sole author of many of the “proposed” roads you are adding. As I have explained above, this is not admissible in OSM.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
OSMF Data Working Group