Created: about 1 year ago

Status: Ended about 1 year ago.

Reason for block:

Dear COMS2200A students,

welcome to OSM and we're happy to see you engaging with our shared database.

A few of our community members have taken exception to some of the things that you mapped and how you mapped them; many of your edits are not exactly following the quality standards we have set for us in OSM which leads us to believe that you may not have received the requisite training, especially where you've made edits outside of the university district.

Sadly we couldn't find out who the person responsible for this class/course/ activity is. A few mappers have commented on edits that you made, and pointed out errors or problems; this should have triggered e-mails to the address used when registering but the messages seem to have been ignored.

Could you please inform your teacher/course leader to get in touch with the Canadian community on the talk-ca mailing list ( so that we can discuss how to continue this exercise without degrading OSM's data quality?

Please pause your editing activity until the matter is cleared up.

Thank you Frederik Ramm OSMF Data Working Group