Created: 8 months ago

Status: Ended 8 months ago.

Reason for block:


You're conducting an import of known bad data (your own changeset comments say "Further cleanup will be done using...").

You are wilfully ignoring the feedback that you're receiving now and have received in the past. A lot of issues have been raised about the quality of your edits - see . In many cases you seem to agree that you're adding rubbish, and yet you continue.

You seem to be suggesting (in ) that "the community" clean up your mess. This is not the way that OpenStreetMap works - if an individual is adding data to it (especially large quantities of data) then it is their responsibility to ensure that the data that they are adding is valid, or at least as valid as the data that is already there.

Please go back and reread some of your previous replies on . Things like "I will mostly work on high level objects (admin level <= 6)" suggests that you are at the very least being disingenuous in your dealings with the OSM community.

Please stop this mechanical edit now and instead spend your time addressing the issues that have been raised.

Andy Townsend,

On behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.