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3 days
Ended .
Reason for block:

Dear mapper,

this is a combined block message for the following accounts:

  • Sandro Alex
  • Shaun Austin
  • Eva Blue
  • Evelyn Desouzaa
  • Kate Diaz
  • Philip Guston
  • Jenny Johal
  • Lexi Johnson
  • Stella Lee
  • James Millar
  • Edward Munch
  • kevin Prince
  • Ashley Rose
  • Jason Roy
  • Jones Sandy
  • Becca Wilson

We know that you’re working on OpenStreetMap assignments as a team. There have been a couple of questions and complaints from members of the OpenStreetMap community about your mapping activities, mostly about your data sources and the frequent quality problems with edits based on Bing imagery that was outdated or offset. It is possible that many of your changes will have to be reset because of that.

The community is also concerned about the high volume of edits you are performing paired with secrecy about who you are and who has tasked you with these edits (“we are a small team improving OSM” is not enough for a group that has racked up 60,000 edits in a few months).

Please stop your editing activities and have your team leader or supervisor get in touch with the OSMF Data Working group at to sort out the situation before you continue.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
for the OSMF Data Working Group