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Mapper since:
June 06, 2020

Current OSM US Board Member.

I’ve done quite a bit of mapping in Washington state but am currently obsessed with increasing the quality and quantity of address data in the United States. Definitely let me know if you’d like to help out!

I also love writing about my experiences finding workflows that help me map quickly and reliably. Feel free to look through my Diary entries for ideas. If you see a big changeset of mine, and would like to hear how I approached it I’m always happy to write things down.

If you find something I’ve edited that doesn’t look quite right, I love feedback. Happy mapping!


  1. Implementation of Department of Interior Secretarial Order 3404 (Done!)
  2. Milwaukee Address Import (Done!)
  3. Indianapolis Address Import (Done!)
  4. Shawnee County Address Refresh (Done!)
  5. GNIS data comparison, harmonization, and update tools (In progress)
  6. Phoenix Arizona Address Import (In progress)
  7. Everett building addition (In progress)
  8. Building addition and TIGER cleanup of towns with fewer than 1000 people driven by the posts of the UnmappedSmallTownUSA Mastodon account
  9. TIGER Review map
  10. Full tags data viewer for Washington State
  11. Address text to OSM tag splitter

Import account: watmildon_import