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Skeikampen ski resort, Norway

Posted by vibrog on 29 March 2009 in English (English)

Mapped downhill ski pistes at Skeikampen, Gausdal, Norway.
Should be complete.

Location: Peer Gynt stien, Skei, Gausdal, Oppland, 2652, Norway

Nordic cross-country skiing tracks in Vestmarka

Posted by vibrog on 4 January 2009 in English (English)

For the last days I've been cross-country skiing in Vestmarka, enjoying outdoors and activity while collecting GPS data for OSM. Most ski pistes are in place, but need more snow in lower areas before visiting the remaining tracks. It can be seen on the Osmarender layer.

Location: Vestmarka, Asker, Akershus, Norway


Posted by vibrog on 28 September 2008 in English (English)

I've been working on adding trails in Nordmarka, Lillomarka and Østmarka
the last week, and created a relation:route:foot of Rondanestien[1], and Ankerveien.


Location: Korsvoll, Nordre Aker, Oslo, 0880, Norway

Your personal little tagwatch script

Posted by vibrog on 26 September 2008 in English (English)

curl -g "*[osm:user=$username]" \
| grep '<tag ' | sed -E "s/<tag k='(.*(name|ref)|note|ele|layer|is_in)' v=.*\/>/<tag k=\'\1\' v='*'\/>/" \
| sort | uniq -c

Example output (shortened):

 117     <tag k='bicycle' v='yes'/>

1075 <tag k='highway' v='footway'/>
489 <tag k='highway' v='track'/>
268 <tag k='highway' v='unclassified'/>
72 <tag k='landuse' v='farm'/>
284 <tag k='marked_trail' v='blue'/>
435 <tag k='name' v='*'/>
18 <tag k='natural' v='wood'/>
199 <tag k='route' v='ski'/>
118 <tag k='source' v='survey'/>
151 <tag k='tracktype' v='grade4'/>
9 <tag k='trail_visibility' v='intermediate'/>


Posted by vibrog on 21 September 2008 in English (English)

Three weeks ago, I added several trails, mountain roads and lakes at Skeikampen, and now
I did some minor cleanup and collected ways that are part of the mountain bike competition "Bukkerittet" into a relation:route.

Location: Åttern, Skei, Gausdal, Oppland, 2652, Norway

Farmland adjacent to Fredrikstadmarka

Posted by vibrog on 18 September 2008 in English (English)

Finished rough tracing based on Landsat imagery of farmland adjacent to Fredrikstadmarka,
e.g. the area between Fredrikstad town centre, Veumveien, Evenrødveien-Seppoveien,
Elindveien, Solliveien (Rv.112), and Rolvsøyveien (Rv. 109).

Location: Rekustad, Fredrikstad, Østfold, 1665, Norway

Rød ringløype in Fredrikstadmarka

Posted by vibrog on 14 September 2008 in English (English)

Added a few minor trails in Fredrikstadmarka,
worked on getting the relation:route for "Rød ringløype" correct (thanks to user dagbj),
and added marked_trail:blue for the trail connection from Rekustad to Hatten.
Still lots of marked_trail:blue and route:ski tags there that needs review.

Location: Rekustad, Rostadneset, Fredrikstad, Østfold, 1665, Norway

Rough initial traces of trails and gravel roads at Skeikampen, Norway

Posted by vibrog on 2 September 2008 in English (English)

I've traced several mountain trails and roads near Skeikampen and
used the lake walker tool to add lakes.
I plan on reviewing tagging and tracing of footways, especially near joints.
I miss SRTM data to render maps with contours for this area though.

Location: Åttern, Skei, Gausdal, Oppland, 2652, Norway

Trails in Torsnes, Fredrikstad: Heiefjella and Thorsø-tangene

Posted by vibrog on 26 August 2008 in English (English)

I spent a week in Torsnes outside Fredrikstad this summer,
exploring the last bits of trails in Heiefjella and Thorsø-tangene.

I've traced footpaths based on over 30 tracklogs collected while mountain biking
there over the last three years.

The amazing aspect of user contributed maps is how accurate and
up-to-date we can make them. This spring they released a brand new map
of the area called "kulturhistorisk turkart" (historical hiking map).
The mapper obviously haven't revisited any of the trails recently (last 5-10 years),
as some tracks (what would have been tagged tracktype=grade4) are now
been overgrown by vegetation, and are hardly visible.

I also added woods for Torsnes, drawn after Landsat imagery and
corrected near GPS tracks of roads and trails, as well as from
memory of what the terrain looks like.

Location: Vestre Myra, Torsnes, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway

Trails near Fagervann in Nordmarka, Oslo

Posted by vibrog on 7 August 2008 in English (English)

I've added a few trails between Hammeren and Fagervann in Maridalen/Nordmarka.
Data collected on a mountain biking trip of 850 meters ascent and descending some amazing downhill singletracks, by some bikers regarded favorite trails in Nordmarka.

Location: Sørseter, Marka, Oslo, 0890, Norway