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Mapping touristical POI with MapComplete and the Flemish touristical agency 'Visit Flanders' 13 days ago

Hey, I know I am late to the party but I talked to a friend about the broader topic of importing external data just now and this notes-based-import-technique came up. So I wanted to finally write down my comment about the notes approach used for this project.

My take: I think a MapRoulette integration would be a far better approach than using OSM Notes this way.

In general, I fully agree that we should use a review-process to check this kind of data before adding it to OSM. However, the tooling of OSM Notes is not great right now (which is why tried to compensate with the MC-Notes-Theme, I guess), so adding a lot of notes for “imports” does not scale at all.

On the other hand MapRoulette is a great tool in our eco system that allows to manage the status of such external data pretty great. The process you describe for notes …

a new note was created for every missing datapoint. These notes are loaded by MapComplete and shown when appropriate. A contributor can open MapComplete, and then confirm that a bench, picnictable, toilet or playground is effectively there. If it is, they are invited to slightly move the item to a more accurate position using the best available aerial imagery in the region. If the item is missing or duplicate, this can be marked as such and the note is closed too.

… would just as well work for a MapRoulette project/challenge and task. The tool is very flexible in they way it can be configured; quite stable; maintained; and has an API to integrate it into external apps like MapComplete.

FYI, I created this ticket a while back to track the status of integration of MapRoulette in other tools

StreetComplete Overlays 20 days ago

About feature:

Thanks a lot for this work and feature, it looks great and is needed!

I wonder, is there a description of the use cases that the overlays will solve in this version of the feature? Especially: I wonder what the conditions are that make a line green/pink/red. Could I use this feature to re-survey an area? (See also

About “the end”:

I really wished the OSM(F) would find a way to support work like yours in a more long term capacity. Reading the effort it took for you to build this feature and get the funding to do so shows very clearly that work like this has to be funded and the funding really should become easier.

Best of luck finding a great fit for your future work!

Towards unified tagging of schools 26 days ago

FYI, I looked into this topic recently (or part of it, just the classification of state schools (as in “no musik and horse riding schools”) in Germany). I was astonished how hard it is to improve the tagging even for one country:

At first I thought the isced:level would be a good fit, but I am not sure anymore since they change their system apparently (see “Versions of ISCED” and our tagging is not prepared for versioning external reference systems … — and it is also super abstract.

However, the alternative would be to come up with special values for each country … which would be a lot of work if even possible.

New mobile editor: Every Door about 2 months ago

Thanks Zverik, that looks great!

Mapping 360,000 buildings in Germany 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing – and organizing this! I really like this process and think we should have more of it.

OGD Wikimedia OpenStreetMap Checker 8 months ago

Danke fürs Teilen. Das Video hilft sehr um einen Überblick zu bekommen.

Mir fällt noch ein, das auch OSM und Wikidata vergleicht.

Revising urban blocks in Wrocław - a GIF collection 8 months ago

I never get tired of seeing improvements to the map like this.

Same :-) 👏

Journey searching for a facade survey app 8 months ago

It could be worth creating a theme for for your usecase.

Pieter Vander Vennet’s talk on this years SOTM gives a good overview:

Journey searching for a facade survey app 8 months ago

It could be worth creating a theme for for your usecase. That would allow for a single-purpose mobile editing experience (with build in visualisation). However, it is a browser app, so offline support is limited.

State of the Go Map!! 9 months ago

Thank you for a great and very easy to use app!

Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Update 10 months ago

Thanks AntoJvlt!

Nominatim QA Analyser Tool - GSoC'21 Update 11 months ago

Hi AntoJvlt, thanks for sharing!

How can I resolve an issue on as false positive? Example: (State Berlin) and (City Berlin) both reference which represents State + City. Being able to mark cases like this as false positive will make it easier to work with the QA Tool.

Extrahieren von Objekten anhand der Tag-Historie und der beteiligten User over 1 year ago

Danke fürs Teilen!

Mapillary Aufnahmen mit Hilfsmitteln machen over 1 year ago

Vielen Dank fürs Teilen! Sehr interessant!

Parkplatzzählung und Parkraumanalysen auf OSM-Basis over 1 year ago

Vielen Dank @Supaplex030, eine tolle Visualisierung und Auswertung! Ein hervorragendes Beispiel für das Potential von OpenData und OSM.

Camera tripod prototype to capture Mapillary images by bike over 1 year ago

Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

@voschix: I did not reasearch the insurance dimension of this. I make sure the whole thing can move in the direction of travel (or oposite) if I get stuck in a tree or something, the whole thing moves and does not break. Other aspects would need more testing to find out more.

@ibanez thanks for sharing your setup.

I will experiment with video at some point. And test out the --interpolate_directions option soon, thanks.

“freedom of panorama” – thanks for the link. I tried getting more clarity from Mapillary and other sources without much success. For now I will wait and see what happens.

Weißenegger Mühlgang almost 2 years ago

Tolle Recherche, danke fürs teilen. Interessehalber: das klingt für mich nach einem guten Fall für alt_name=…kanal (um den alternativen Namen auch zu dokumentieren), oder?

My life as a Board member almost 2 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to share this!

Divide and map. Now. over 2 years ago

Hi qeef, just in case … do you know / which is also a kind of Tasking Manager Tool, but just for north korea.

Also a quick feedback: Personally, I am not a fan of the name. It sound negative, which is a bad starting point for something good IMO :-)

Best, Tobias

Making a simple textual change to the "" site over 2 years ago

Thanks @mmd. The quick-edit-fork-and-PR-flow is really awesome and easy and I was surprised to see it’s a feature since 2011 (but was improved a lot since those screenshots).