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closed 115551

Chicago Rock & other shops where old cinema used to be, is going to be demolished to make way for.... yet another city centre hotel complex. Might be worth retaining a note or entry into the historical map or something similar, to indicate cinema history? Main building is currently not in use.

closed 2869839 FlawOfAverages

power=substation or something else here?

closed 2869838 FlawOfAverages

Is this a footway or a service road?

closed 3457102 FlawOfAverages

Chopstix store here and Poundland next to it

via StreetComplete 49.2

closed 3563243 FlawOfAverages

Icrack phone and Mac repair store, number 104

via StreetComplete 50.2

closed 3749283 TheUKHighStreet

All M&Co stores have closed.

closed 66715

Pubs/Bars here need noting

closed 66651

Pub needs details (name at least)

closed 3677320

UHI Moray car park

closed 3677318

Name is now

UHI Moray Nursery

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