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GNIS Import?

Posted by tekim on 3 February 2010 in English (English).

Have all of the GNIS classes been imported? I have noticed at least two classes that do not show up in an area where other GNIS features appear. One is "Ridge", the other is "Pillar" (as in a rock formation). Perhaps they are just not being rendered? At the location associated with this post is "Twin Owls", a prominent rock formation (GNIS Class = Pillar), and "Lumpy Ridge." For those of us that spend time in the back country, these are important features to show on a map. I searched the Wiki, but it didn't explicitly say that some classes were excluded.

Location: Larimer County, Colorado, United States

U.S. National Hydrography Dataset

Posted by tekim on 1 February 2010 in English (English).

I was under the impression that in the U.S. the USGS' National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) had been loaded into OSM. In some areas it appears to be present, but not in others. For example, at or near the the map location associated with this entry is Gem Lake, but it does not show up in any of the renders.

Location: Larimer County, Colorado, United States

Tagging of Roads and Trails

Posted by tekim on 17 January 2010 in English (English).

I just surveyed a hiking trail in my neighborhood (U.S.). It appears that part of the trail used to be a public road (dirt surface single lane), but is now closed to public traffic. OSM has this part of the trail tagged as a road (presumably because it was imported from TIGER). Shouldn't features (ways) be tagged according to their present legally permissible use, rather than the type of use they physically might accommodate?

Location: Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado, United States