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Nominatim and Postcodes 4 months ago

Thank you for your outstanding and clear description on Nominatim's latest (and future) postcode improvements!

OpenStreetMap Community Statistics Revisited over 1 year ago

Yeah, forgot to say the quote was from Mark Twain (Samuel Longhorn Clemens).

OpenStreetMap Community Statistics Revisited over 1 year ago

Thank you for the numbers, Simon. While it was our American author (and humorist) who said that "There are lies, damned lies and STATISTICS!" I believe we can learn SOME things from these numbers without too much argument.

What falls out as most interesting to me are longer term observable trends in "more mature" OSM environments like Germany and UK: it seems we can and should learn both what happens and what we might do (to guide and instruct less-developed areas) from places where, as you say, "major urban areas...(are) extremely well mapped."

OSM both does mature and is maturing (in pockets), more and more. Let's do our best to observe what happens as we do so and how to best apply good lessons from there to more-developing parts of our mapped world.

SteveA California

Blank about 9 years ago