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I went to a Mapping Party four weeks ago in my little city of Santa Cruz, California (37˚ North, 122˚ West).

We now have zones (Industrial, Commercial and Residential) for the city limits, all parks are added (things like all the children's swingsets and every picnic table are not done, but major things like swimming pools and tennis courts are), hiking trails are maybe 85% done, bike routes are nearly complete, downtown is looking great with restaurants, shops and cash dispensers, rail and stations are prototyped (local rail line purchase is currently under government negotiation, so we wait), the university has major buildings, zones, bike paths, and colleges in place (maybe 40% done, there a LOT of separate buildings!), current construction projects are being tracked, public parking in the urban core is done, tourist attractions and museums show up as they should, schools from private, elementary, middle and high all appear correctly and a major river, two significant creeks and dozens of small streams, their tributaries and seeps are finished and now show up!

Beaches, hotels, cycleways, public art, restrooms, drinking fountains and bike shops/rental centers are appearing on the Cycle Map, the greenbelts and farmland at the edges of urban growth boundaries are being marked, quarries and landfills on the outskirts are properly displayed, and surrounding state parks are having amenities like campgrounds and trails slowly but surely completed!

What great fun I have been having. Thank you for the blank canvas, OpenStreetMap, I am loving painting an accurate picture of my beautiful city here, and giving it to the world for free.

Location: East Morrissey, Eastside, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California, 95062, United States