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Universal language over 4 years ago

I just click on the first English(English) link on the page to filter the list.

Random bus routes over 4 years ago

Sorting relations using JOSM is not that difficult and I have done it for walking routes many times. 1. Find the number of the relation and download it into an empty editor using the File->Download Object menu item. 2. Open the relation in the editor. 3. Select the start of the route on the map and find the selection in the relation editor. 4. Move the start to the top of the list and while the item is selected press the 'sort the relation members' button. 5. Move down the list until a gap is indicated and zoom to that area. most gaps are because a way meets at a 'T' junction or these is a missing member of the relation. Download a small area round the gap and repair it by cutting and removing the wrong bit or adding the missing bit to the relation. 6. Press the sort button again and the gap should be fixed. 7. Sometimes a section needs to be reversed - select it and press the 'Reverse the order of the members' button. 8. Sometimes a section needs to be moved up or down - select it and use the move selection up or down buttons. tip: put a temporary 'x' in the role box (at the gap) so you can see where it has to move to. 9. Right clicking on a relation member has some useful tools for navigating the editor list and zooming the map to see members.

Hope this reduces the hours you expected to have to spend doing this.

Powerline from Safford, AZ toward Duncan over 4 years ago

In JOSM "add Mode", holding the "Ctrl" key prevents snapping onto existing ways and nodes when you click to add a new node. For other shortcuts see

East Coast Public Transport Route Relations Index about 5 years ago

If you accept Zverik's comment that relations are not categories, there are still some things you can do. I work on long distance footpaths, but the same ideas could apply to public transport. 1) I have added a list what I worked on to my OSM Wiki home page. (see ) 2) I have created/maintained a list of paths in my area on the county page (see ) 3) There is a national project to list and map footpaths (see ) You could probably find something appropriate to your area.

Mapping of Ennis town and area along R352 (Ennis-Tulla) about 5 years ago

My technique using JOSM is to create the first node on a pole and add the appropriate tags. I then use Ctrl-C to copy it. I then move the cursor to the next pole and press Ctrl-V to copy the node to that position, repeating this until I get to the end of the line. I then go back along the line creating a way joining the poles and tag it with the appropriate line tag.

Over 32 bits over 5 years ago

Tiles rendered after this event and before the queue was stopped appear to be marked as clean when they are dirty.

Over 32 bits over 5 years ago

and this is it: and the tile renderer is not working:

Продажа арматуры, рти для легковых и грузовых автомобилей в Балаково. over 5 years ago


Fantastic Site! over 5 years ago

The "fantastic site for visualizing live data" is not working! It just puts three symbols on the screen with zeros beside them.

Pacific Coast Bicycle Path about 6 years ago

I would suggest you map the highways that make up the path with tags that are appropriate to what you find on the ground i.e. path, track, residential etc. Try and make sure any new sections of highway you add join to existing ways. You don't need to combine any ways in into a single way but you may need to split ways into sections where only part of the existing way follows the bycycle path.

You can then add all the different ways that are the Pacific Coast Bicycle path into a relation. To find out how to do this see Cycle Route Relations or Cycle routes

United Kingdom Long Distance Paths over 6 years ago

I agree that [[user:Vclaw]]'s view of "really complete" is ideal measure of 100%, however it is not measurable (for any map). What can be measured is 'relation length' divided by 'official distance'. Where this is close to or exceeds 100% then I take a closer look at the relation and check that it is sorted, in one piece without gaps and it starts and finishes at the designated start and end points. Without this it would only get say 98% in my view.

The Chiltern Way - Southern Extension over 6 years ago

Good work. I have recently been updating the [[ United Kingdom Long Distance Paths]] page and have added links to the two child relations.

cities for everyone over 6 years ago

Could the wheelmap_visitor changesets be made smaller, or even (considering the way data is collected) one node per changeset? - I find it is impossible as a local user to review changesets that have hundreds of nodes and cover half the globe for local changes.

Mapping coastlines from Kayak almost 7 years ago

I recently traced a section of coastline from Bing imagery so I didn't map my holiday hotel in the sea. This may be the best way to do coastline now that hi-res imagery is available. However, the coastline was not updated in time to be downloaded to my GPS before I left, so update it in good time before you want to use it, as coastline updates seem to take a while.

Ughhh about 7 years ago

Thaught I was going there after a power cut, but JOSM had kept a backup of my work and offered to restore it for me. So glad that I use that editor.

Millennium Way about 7 years ago

This long distance footpath is new to OSM so it needs a relation to link the sections of path together. See for details of what tags to use.

Then you need to add an entry to the WikiProject United Kingdom Long Distance Paths page so others can find your path and its relation and not duplicate the relation.

Milestone: 1 Billion Nodes in OSM over 7 years ago

Shame it had to be an import bot rather than a real user that got it.

Bute over 7 years ago

See for additional info that you can add.

UK Bad Weather over 7 years ago

Inspired by your work I have now done the Worcester stations and tracks.

Disappearing Post Box over 7 years ago

I live in this village and know the box. It used to be in the garden of the old post office (now closed)the other side of post office lane until about a year or two ago.