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Mapping and elections

Posted by sphericalsquare on 13 May 2010 in English.

I spent most of April working on the general election campaign in Newcastle upon Tyne, which took me to many unmapped parts of the city, particularly in the Denton and Chapel House areas. As I had to walk down many of the streets it proved a good opportunity to do some mapping at the same time.
I have started to add the roads I covered to the map and am sorting through all the tracks I collected to make sense of the areas where there was a lot of footways off roads in to the area.
There are still plenty of gaps in the area as I tended to concentrate on the same streets repeatedly during the election but with trips to and from the area what was until recently a blank space is slowly being filled in.

Location: Westerhope, Callerton, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of Tyne, England, NE5 1SX, United Kingdom

I have made a start on the Byker area of Newcastle while delivering letters at the week end. The estate is not designed for cars so dosen't really contain traditional streets.
Most houses are in groups accessable by streets that are accessed by foot with parking areas near by so I've tried to get all the paths covered in the area I was in and the roads leading to them.
Street names can be a bit confusing here too as they refer to more than one pathway so I haven't managed to get them all sorted out yet.

Location: St. Peter's, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of Tyne, England, NE6 1TT, United Kingdom

I attended the Sunderland mapping party on 2nd-3rd May and have now uploaded all the data I collected. My slice of the cake was between the coast and the metro station in Seaburn and was limited as I was on foot. With the contributions from all the other people who attended it was a good start to putting Sunderland on the map.

Location: Roker, Sunderland, North East, England, SR6 9TE, United Kingdom

I've added a handfull of streets off Weardale Avenue in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, which I mapped while out delivering newsletters at the weekend.
My bike is back from the shop after suffering a bit of attention from local vandals so hopefully I'll be able to map more streets soon.

Location: Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of Tyne, England, NE6 3BA, United Kingdom

Start made on Sandyford

Posted by sphericalsquare on 22 March 2009 in English.

I made a small start on the Sandyford area of Newcastle upon Tyne, mapping the two main routes through it and getting an idea of how best to do the rest of it. I also tried to map the paths through Heaton and Armstrong Parks but I think my GPS had trouble with the trees as it didn't record any points for that part of my journey.

Location: Cradlewell, Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of Tyne, England, NE2 1JT, United Kingdom

Heaton Shakespeare Streets Added

Posted by sphericalsquare on 15 February 2009 in English.

All the streets east off Heaton Park Road (named after Sharespeare characters) have been added as well as a number of other missing streets between Heaton Road and White Field Terrace. There are a few names missing still but most of the roads are complete.

Location: Cradlewell, Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne, North of Tyne, England, NE2 1JT, United Kingdom