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The OpenStreetMap website is now ready for translation, with translations for German and French partially available already. More info will come soon on how to translate the OpenStreetMap website into your own language.

It has been a productive weekend at the OpenStreetMap hack weekend in the CloudMade London office.

Location: Bankside, The Borough, London Borough of Southwark, London, Greater London, England, SE1 9TG, United Kingdom

Overnight on Thursday to Friday I cycled the full length of the Forth and Clyde canal from Glasgow to the Carron Sea Lock, then from there home in Edinburgh.

I have now mapped the rest of the Forth and Clyde canal, with the main part of the towpath. Now the locks, and access routes to the towpath need to added. I'll leave that for the locals to do.

Re: Frustration

Posted by smsm1 on 20 June 2007 in English (English).

Further to

Mapnik takes a week to update (every Wednesday) though a recent one didn't happen due to lack of disk space.

osmarender will update soon either automatically or through submitting a request through

It would be nice if these blog posts would contain perma links on the site.

T@H rendering restarted :-)

Posted by smsm1 on 12 May 2007 in English (English).

I'm getting to see the changes that I've been doing recently now that tiles@home has been started again.

That should mean that most of the ncn75 from Edinburgh to Glasgow should now be shown. Also the Forth and Clyde canal from Bowling to Croy should be there too.

It will need a bit of a tidy up and change to cover where there are roads etc. As I have marked most of the route simply as cycleway, which isn't quite right. However at least the ncn route info is there. Additional road traces and local knowledge is needed to get those sections of the map up to date. I have added notes to such effect on the appropriate parts of the route.

Forth and Clyde Canal near Croy.

Bathgate end of the Airdrie to Bathgate cycleway