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JOSM Problems.

Posted by smithkm on 14 July 2009 in English.

I installed JOSM on my netbook today. I'd wiped the drive when I installed Ubuntu Jaunty. Obviously I started with the latest stable version, but when I tried to add some plugins, particularly LiveGPS and Surveyor, it insisted that they required a more recent version. Evidently only the most recent versions of the plugins are available and if they were made for the unstable JOSM, you are out of luck with the stable version even if there were previous versions of the plugins that did work.

So I try out the unstable JOSM. It doesn't like being maximized, and doesn't like the default JRE. But after that, It seems to be working.

So off I go on a 2 hour mapping trip around Cobble Hill and Maple Bay. And when I get home, I try to save the trace from JOSM. At this point I get an error message and an empty file. After trying every permutation of saving I can think of, I still get an empty GPX file.

So eventually I give in, download the map data to the netbook, do the editing there and upload my changes. I would have liked to have uploaded the trace but at least I managed to make use of the data.

I've added a bug ticket about the problem: