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skquinn This user is a moderator

Mapper since:
March 08, 2010
Last map edit:
June 20, 2024

Primarily a greater Houston area mapper, with many of the remaining edits in other parts of Texas. I do occasionally map elsewhere, particularly to clean up opening_hours, service_times, collection_times, shop=yes, cuisine, description, note, and other tags, as part of MapRoulette challenges from time to time, and also when I travel or intend to possibly travel to an area. 99+% of my edits are in the US as of the time of this writing.

Please note that I do not work for Amazon Logistics, Lyft, Telenav, or any other large company with an interest in OSM data. I am an amateur volunteer mapper with the goal of improving OpenStreetMap, particularly in my hometown and areas where I travel.