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The case for highway=trunk on Texas frontage roads 3 months ago

I say leave them as is. Making them all trunk, except where they connect to a trunk road, is just going to make a mess and make it harder to tell where the real trunk roads are.

Mapping Center Turn Lanes in the United States 9 months ago

I'm in favor of the lanes/turn:lanes syntax, if only because that's the style used by the current plugin and it allows for center lane uses other than left (or right) turns.

What we are really missing is a consistent way to tag reversible lanes, either as a center lane or such as those found in the Houston area as HOV/HOT lanes. The syntax used by the plugin isn't recognized by the map paint style, the default rendering style doesn't seem to do anything special for oneway=reversible, and that tag seems to confuse a lot of tools.

The difference between a roundabout and "just a road that goes in a circle" about 1 year ago

A lot of these mistagged roundabouts are in places where it would be difficult if not outright impossible to add a third road. If it's obvious the intent is to build an actual roundabout at some point, that's another story (Keep Right will still complain until that other road is actually mapped though).

Cemeteries in Texas MapRoulette Challenge now powered by Texas Imagery Service over 1 year ago

Nice work! This will come in handy fixing certain areas of Houston where the Bing and NAIP imagery are both lacking.

The Chancel Tax over 1 year ago

Hooray for separation of church and state in the US.

Funny highway shortcuts with the new routing feature over 3 years ago

In the US, these types of crossings on Interstate highways are usually signed "For Official or Emergency Use Only" and for good reason.

access=no with a possible emergency=yes is proper tagging.

The past year and a half in review over 3 years ago

I have come to appreciate this mode myself. It has made a few highway and path re-alignments a lot less painful. It even works on closed ways like water and buildings, which I have used it for a couple of times.

New to OSM almost 5 years ago

I used to live near Jones Road and FM 1960, still visit Willowbrook Mall on occasion, and my mom now has a job in the area, so I have a bit of an interest keeping this area up to date.

For the type of edits you've been doing, you may be better off using iD instead of Potlatch. While there is a lot to be said for Potlatch as a contribution to the OSM community, and we wouldn't be where we are without it, overall I've found iD to be easier to use and, pardon the expression, a bit more "newbie-proof". (Examples: iD will warn you about untagged ways and points, whereas I do not think Potlatch does; also, iD will join intersecting ways for you when you add a point at the right place, where Potlatch does not.)

When I started, the Houston area seemed to be a bit less active on OSM than some other areas; hopefully we can help change that soon.