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closed 961348 samely

Can someone confirm and fix if the correct name is Gleen Street Extension?

closed 3419392 shinylman

There is a golf course here that isn't mapped

closed 3391532 bdentremont

add paved asphalt parking area here.

closed 2376683 EmilyUWAC


closed 3116851

this should be Woodland Way

closed 3219389 johnhollowell

Add statue

via StreetComplete 44.0

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closed 2914191 submitted note from a business:
name: Clout of the South
phone: 864-568-5005
hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 9pm, Sunday 12pm - 7pm
category: Shoe Stores
address: 700 Haywood Rd Greenville, SC 29607

closed 2923531 johnhollowell

Unable to answer "What is the height limit below the bridge?" for via StreetComplete 36.1:

this whole path is not under a bridge

closed 3398482 shinylman

There is a new subdivision here but the city boundary appears to go through it so I'm assuming it is outdated, what is the proper way to update the city boundary?

closed 2573510 jumbanho

I'm curious why US 276 is a secondary for this stretch through the mountains. Either the stretch back to Brevard should be downgraded to secondary or this whole stretch should be primary as the highway connects Brevard to Greenville.

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