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Posted by rewe on 11 June 2013 in Swedish (Svenska)

Added some new streets to Smedby. Spinnaregatan and Fjärl ilsgatan as well as cyclepaths.

New Tramway line. Norrköping, Sweden.

Posted by rewe on 17 October 2010 in Swedish (Svenska)

I have this evening walked the new tramway line with my iphone.
This new part of line 2 is a 5,1 km long and will be in traffic on the 21th of october. Next year there will be a new extension of this line to Ringdansen. Another 3 km. /Rasmus

Location: Söderstaden, Norrköping, Norrköpings kommun, Landskapet Östergötland, Östergötlands län, Götaland, Sverige