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The power of OSM

Posted by rene78 on 24 May 2018 in English (English)

I would like to recount an interesting encounter I had during a bike trip in Myanmar. In December 2016 I cycled from Yangon/Myanmar to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. Beforehand I was armchair mapping some tracks east of Bago, Myanmar in order to avoid the stinky and noisy main road and slightly short-cut the trip. Later I used OsmAnd+ to navigate those tracks.

It was precisely on these roads in the middle of nowhere - Google Maps is literally blank there - where I met a female solo bike traveller. She used to navigate and was using 'my' roads to go into the opposite direction.

Quite entertaining to see the real world impact of all our mapping efforts.

Here is a picture of one of those newly mapped roads at a slightly different location.

Location: 17,370, 96,726