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Mapper since:
July 14, 2015
Last map edit:
June 22, 2024

Rebecca Nyinawumuntu Jeannette

OSM Rwanda Founder and especially in charge of community engagement and partnerships.
Co-Founder/Volunteer, Wikimedia Community User group Rwanda

“Optimism is the driving force behind achievement; it is the beacon of hope that illuminates the path to progress. Without hope, endeavours remain dormant.”

About me

I have been a volunteer with Wikimedia since 2019. Am one of Founders of the Wikimedia Community User group in Rwanda. I have a passion social well being , advocating for vulnerable people and value the integrity

My work

I started participating in Open Street Map activities since 2015, where I participated Ramani Huria Dar es Salaam. I am the Founder of OSM Rwanda since 2016, and I am currently responsible for the following activities

Build relationships and facilitate effective engagement between OSM community and the Advancement of local team. Our community is striving to become an active community and to build Resilient Rwanda

OpenStreetMap: Mapping for Sustainable Impact

OpenStreetMap Rwanda

Rwanda is a dynamic community-driven initiative dedicated to promote the power of geospatial technology for sustainable development. Comprising a diverse group of passionate individuals, this vibrant team is committed to creating accurate and comprehensive maps that serve as vital tools for disaster response, environmental conservation, and community resilience

With a collective collaboration effort, OpenStreetMap Eco Mappers Rwanda engages local volunteers, experts, and stakeholders to collaboratively map landscapes, infrastructure, and resources. By leveraging the principles of open mapping, the team empowers communities with data-driven insights that aid in making informed decisions and shaping a more resilient future of Rwanda