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Aarhus University, Denmark

Posted by rasmusv on 22 September 2009 in English (English)

The main park area of Aarhus University, Denmark, seemed a bit naked, so I took the liberty to add all the buildings that were missing. The same goes for Incuba Science Park which lies just next to the park.

Some other persons have drawn a lot of service roads in the area, which really is a bad representation of the parking areas as it should be. It should ideally be corrected, but so far i will let it be.

Location: Christiansbjerg, Aarhus, Aarhus Municipality, Central Denmark Region, 8200, Denmark

Aarhus Vest (Denmark)

Posted by rasmusv on 29 March 2009 in English (English)

I have builded a part of Aarhus Vest (Denmark) and corrected a lot of stuff in the area recently. Only the simple part of which could be constructed from raw memory, of my time living there, was drawn. "Kornmodsbakken" and Kalenderkvarteret (except the newly contructed Vintervej) should be about done. Hope you like it.