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Add your team to OSMCha

In current version of UI, adds teammates by one. Sometimes it is useful to add many users at once. You can use API for these purposes.

Go to profile at OSMCha Profile Copy API key (3)

Then go to OSMCha API Docs
and authorize with key:

OSMCha API Docs Auth window

And now you can call any methods to API from this page.

For creating team with many users find and select method with name “mapping-team_create”. Click “Try it out” Try it out

Add request body in field Request

  "name": "YOUR TEAM NAME",
  "users": [
    {"username":"OSM_USERNAME","uid":"OSM_USER_ID","joined":"2001-01-    01","left":"2021-09-19"},

Fields “uid”, “joined”, “left” not required