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Mapillary joins #MapLesotho

Posted by oscarlorentzon on 9 February 2016 in English.

I have just joined the Fingal County Council #MapLesotho team in Maseru for this years training sessions. Fingal are arranging two weeks of training and workshops that will give a number of members in the #MapLesotho community better tools for mapping. One of the tools for improving the detail of the now almost completed base map of Lesotho will be Mapillary. I will be holding workshops explaining how to use Mapillary and there will be mapping events.

Flying in to Lesotho was beautiful - clear sky, mountains, fields and in the end these neighbourhoods surrounding the airport.

Landing in Maseru

Location: Ha lekhobanyane, Mazenod, Machekoaneng Motse-Mocha, Maseru District, 160, Lesotho