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Hi, mappers
so long, I have not written my diary.

Since 3 months ago, I have been developed a system for collecting geotagged photos from general blogs.
I named it "MapPIN'on OSM".
This is the first test for OpenStreetMap diary. I will do another 2 tests. I think I don't meet any trouble for this diary.

I will explain about this system a little.
I register the RSS of my diary to MapPIN'on OSM. Then, the background server (RSS feed reader part) is going to get the information about the above photo at a period, make a photo marker, and upload it to the foreground server.
The foreground server shows the photo at the place where the photo was taken.

MapPIN'on OSM is still in a test stage but anyone can join it and I can help you.

Location: Shinhigashidoincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 606-8361, Japan