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February 27, 2022
Last map edit:
March 10, 2022

copy of email send to DWG:

Polish OSM community is working on what can be done to help Ukrainians.

One of ideas is improving quality OSM map data, including collecting Ukrainian and Russian names of objects within Poland relevant to refugees (hospitals, social facilities etc).

People asked some people to help, with their agreement that data would be added to OSM and used they collected this info outside OSM.

Data was verified.

I was asked to help with adding it to OSM. Due to urgency I plan to start edits as soon as possible, without waiting two weeks.

(war is happening right now, refugee crisis happening right now, 24h ago 100 000 refugees arrive already, millions are expected, according to reports about 1 500 000 are in traffic jams on roads to border, allowing entrance to Poland without documents, all road crossing opened to foot traffic etc, see say,513674.html )

I plan to use account

Polish community notified via and Discord

In case of bad data I promise that I will help

Preemptively sending email to explain situation (if you think that it should not be done - block that account)