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Cleaning up some south Houston data

Posted by mjn on 4 January 2009 in English (English)

New here, and figured I'd start by cleaning up the data in my area (south Houston, especially around Clear Lake), which appears to mostly be a circa-2001 import. Mostly doing macro-scale cleanup now, from knowledge of the area and the Yahoo overlay: removing roads that haven't existed in years, extending roads that have been extended, marking under-construction roads as finished (if they actually got built), etc. Also upgrading some "residential" roads to tertiary or secondary for e.g. 4-lane, separated thoroughfares.

After I get through with enough of that, I suppose it'll be time to figure out how to do GPS trace uploading, so I can fill in some of the finer details, like mapping out new subdivisions that aren't in the old data at all, and new freeway ramps.