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Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 1 month ago

hey @alexkemp, check yourself. You're wildly misrepresenting Heather's viewpoints, and repeating baseless attacks on her character. You are being way out of line -- this kind of hostile, and frankly unhinged, communication has no place in a reasonable discussion in our community.

"other genders" here refers to people who do not identify definitively male or female.

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 2 months ago

@Harry Wood @Richard -- on the Board, I'm actually in the process of restarting OSMF announce (or messages from CiviCRM -- the channel is tbd). Stopping auto subscribe to osmf-talk is not something I thought about, but worth considering too.

And thank you @Heather for this diary post. Great summation of the discussion so far, and positive directions we can take.

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 2 months ago

To recap

"There's some pretty cool things which maybe could be done with machine learning and mapping"

"Humans are better than machines and you're offensive and I'm scared"

"Well maybe it's still interesting, someday it will be better"

"Only if you are white and male and rich"

It's hard to have a calm discussion about this topic anywhere -- developments (real and imagined) in artificial intelligence tech are overwhelming human society.

The reality is for mapping -- there's lots of potential, a few early successes, but a long way to go. Yet it's moving fast. Humans are not being removed from the mapping equation. Machine learning is a fancy way of describing a certain class of statistical models run by computers. They can be helpful aids for human mappers, to help us map faster and bring our attention to things we might have missed. We already use machine learning a lot in OSM -- anyone ever map from mapillary detections? Improving these workflows and applying to other parts of the mapping process, while keeping our wits, can only help us make the map better.

About another OSMF board meeting 3 months ago

Sometimes you're hilarious @imagico. You split hairs about the meaning of the word "speculate", then admonish me for focusing on words. Meanwhile one of your key points hinges on specific words in a tweet. And finally, you focus on one part of my response that's about your word choice and ignore my arguments.

About another OSMF board meeting 3 months ago

Whoa there @imagico, let's slow down here. I want nothing more than a reasonable discussion, as you say you are doing. I would never suggest that you shouldn't speak your mind, and I hope you would extend the same courtesy to others, particularly people and institutions you are commenting on.

Through the course of this post and comments, my actions and the Board have been suggested to be "spin", lacking in "credibility" and lacking an "open mind", and finally a "bully". I am not here to defend myself against name calling, but to claim that these cv aracterizations are part of a reasoned discussion doesn't strike me as accurate.

My first comment explained at some length my thinking on the Taking a Stand topic. You haven't engaged in my reasoned points at all.

You do state that you don't want to speculate, but then you do go on to speculate. You speculate "it is not clear if these are favours given in return for money". This is what led me to call you out for peddling conspiracy theories.

I am all for transparency and clear processes. There's already been a full accounting of the donation in this case. I don't see much issue with how it was handled myself. But I can agree with you that developing clearer procedures is something we should do.

Linking credibility to Taking a Stand, and implying repeatedly that our decisions are influenced by the donation, is not reasonable. Again I've explained why I don't think that's the right course of action.

About another OSMF board meeting 3 months ago

@imagico There is no relation between the donation and our discussion on the taking a stand agenda item. There are no "favors" doled out. To suggest these things are you are here is a colossal conspiracy theory, erodes the credibility of other good points you make, and frankly this attack on the OSMF Board is actually something worth taking a stand against.

About another OSMF board meeting 3 months ago

Thanks for your write up and perspectives @imagico. It's helpful for me to get a chance to clarify areas where there's confusion on what's happening within the Board, through an outsider perspective. Appreciate comments from others here. There's one point I want to weigh in on now.

The discussion on "Taking a Stand" was much more wide ranging than your write up. Here are my thoughts, for the record. I was not happy with Dale's tweet at all. There was other discussion on social media I found disappointing. And I'm not excusing it all but -- these tweets are being blown way out of proportion. Dale did not call all OSMF members racist, but the mailing list activity in the election racist, and then he backed that out to prejudice, and that 90% of the mailing list posters are fine. I still am not happy with the tweet.

Further, this tweet has not had much or any impact outside of OSM. Frederik has painted a picture of Dale running around and knocking on doors all over DC, calling OSM a viper pit of racism to everyone who listens, and people recoiling in disgust. Of everyone in this discussion -- I'm the only one who lives in DC. And I talk about OSM nearly every day. And I have 5 times the followers on Twitter than Dale. And I have never seen the level of interest and support for OSM than we have right now in DC, or anywhere. OSM is highly respected.

There was plenty of messages over the course of the election that I found really troublesome. I am not about to call out one, especially one that while really not good, has been highly misconstrued. This has nothing to do with loyalty for receiving a donation, the suggestion is ridiculous. I wouldn't call out anyone in particular at this point, because it doesn't help us work together better as a community.

Finally, I did not call for stricter rule on OSM communication. Back in 2011, the Board accepted Etiquette guidelines and moderators. We've had this in place for years, it has been very helpful at times, even recently, though applied very inconsistently and the awareness is not what it should be. It's not cohesive. My point is that we need to examine and discuss that this guidelines and processes are up to date, and then make sure they are resourced in a responsible way. And that this is certainly not the only thing we should consider, the only frame, or necessarily the starting point.

100€ for a notifications listings page 4 months ago

Let's do it @Stereo! @Skippern, been a while -- still interested?

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap 4 months ago

Excellent point @SimonPoole, agree a "news" feature directly in could be great. Going to ruminate on all the ways we could approach that, and make it a core part of the experience of Also note, @joost schouppe had and generated a tremendous set of ideas here

(also noting that @-username doesn't notify anyone presently, there's another feature :)

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap 4 months ago

If you feel there's things that could be improved on the mailing list or to improve new mapper retention, let's do them! I have a list of a few things I might explore in another post on my priorities for 2018.

(Yea I think I disagree with point d and your "summa summarum" ("all in all" in Latin, I had to look it up :) since I think there's a second order affect on how and what people in the core of the project do based on the their perceptions and experience of the mailing list, and I do think people talking about this are sincere just as you are but that's beside my point).

Building Canada 2020 5 months ago

love it. going to borrow that image, again and again :)

Building Canada 2020 5 months ago

@SimonPoole you're out of line. If you need a punching bag, find an actual punching bag in real life, and spare your community from unfounded hostility.

Building Canada 2020 5 months ago

Great response @jaronswain? Maybe think about reframing your question next time @SimonPoole? I think you could put forward your question in a way that doesn't make pretty negative assumptions. You could assume that you don't have sufficient information to make a judgement.

Baltimore's Monuments to the Confederacy removed from OpenStreetMap after their removal by the City of Baltimore 8 months ago

Amazing work @ElliotPlack

Statistics Canada and OSM building pilot project in Ottawa background. 9 months ago

great history and context John, thanks for writing this up

Local Chapter Congress Notes from SotM 2016 about 1 year ago


You seem to have two major threads in your diary entry.

Yup -- that's what came up during the Congress. Better communication is a top topic for Local Chapters.

Push notifications is a dream for many of us.

It's getting close. This PR would implement. May need some policy work. Showing support for the PR could help get this moving :)

suspect we need to look at other approaches to find what interest the press.

Would love to figure out strategies here. Possibly a starting point is to start generating good stories on our diaries / blogs, then picking out the best ones to pitch. What are good stories coming out of OSM US?

100€ for a notifications listings page over 1 year ago

@Skippern sure let's extend!

100€ for a subscription to diary comments over 1 year ago

And our next challenge

100€ for a subscription to diary comments over 1 year ago

And PR accepted! @Zverik @Stereo, let's make donations to

100€ for a subscription to diary comments over 1 year ago

@Zverik PR submitted