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Insights in CWTS++

Posted by mighty_mochi on 24 October 2018 in English (English)

So far my edits only have been mostly consists of mapping buildings and contributing to the hot tasking manager at bagyong Ompong. The tools that I’ve used is ID editor and JOSM, at first I was contented in using ID but then there was JOSM which is like photoshop and you can do a lot of stuff, it is much more accurate than using ID but it is a little bit challenging to use.

My thoughts about the CWTS++ program up to now is that it is a very good program to be in if you enjoy helping other people or even staring at the screen for hours. For me it is somewhat a good way to kill time at the house knowing that also I am helping people in some form of way.

After mapping a selected part of my neighborhood, I can say that it will mostly benefit people who are living there or plan to move there because my neighborhood mostly consists of empty houses and town houses. By mapping this area relatives from those families who want to visit can can easily view their house number.

Sunday Ompong Mapathon Experience

Posted by mighty_mochi on 24 September 2018 in English (English)

Yesterday 9/23/18 was the “Typhoon Ompong Mapathon” at Co. Lab Pasig which the goal is to map affected areas by the recent super typhoon Ompong, joining with me in this mapping session is Ron. Woke up that morning and went to the set meeting place that Ron and I talked about, although Ron lives at Pasig I was the one to arrive first at the meeting place and waited at a nearby mcdonalds which was around 30 mins., he arrived late because there was traffic at his place which was unusual since its a Sunday, we arrived 10:30 (set time was 9:00 AM) cause we got lost and with the google map we were following is slightly inaccurate but nonetheless we still got there sweating haha (hot day). I like the chill vibe that Co. Lab offers as a workplace which you can rent, kinda like what function rooms do. I was surprised that the people there got the invitation randomly which I thought it is composed of select students from other schools although there were some but it mostly composed of adults wanting to learn and contribute. I enjoyed it, talked to the people at our side of the table, one is also a freshmen and his course is related to geography and he is new to osm, Ron taught him some basic stuff and was good to go, while that was happening I got to map a lot of buildings (around 3000 plus nodes) given by the instruction of the hot tasking manager, moved up through the rankings in the leader board which I was very contended. We ended the session around 1:20 PM and took a group photo, bid farewell to some people and headed home.

My Neighborhood

Posted by mighty_mochi on 26 August 2018 in English (English)

While I was mapping around my neighborhood (walking around) using field papers, to be honest I actually haven’t really seen all the in’s and out’s of my neighborhood even though I have been living here since I was a baby, it just never crosses my mind to explore my place until now haha. After mapping some area’s I realized that my place has that calm feeling when you walk around cause my area mostly consist’s of town house’s, subdivision’s, newly built house’s’ house’s for priest’s and sister’s, a Chinese temple and house’s for sale and also I noticed some houses don’t have their building number plastered on the front of the lot. It’s really fun to walk around knowing that I can’t worry about something happening because car’s, biker’s, and skateboarder’s are constantly running around plus with the breeze of the tree’s feels great, would love to own a bike and cruise around though. Although I have not fully explored my area I am curious to know others things in my place that are still not explored.

Location: Mariana, New Manila, 4th District, Quezon City, Second District, Metro Manila, 1112, Philippines