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A lazy saturday with some hours behind the keyboard.

Roundabout ramblings

At one point I got interested in making “Nasjonal Sykkelrute 7” connected all the way, there where some breaks in the line. During this I also found out that a roundabout should not be segmented, why would it need to be that?

I found out a little later that this is probably because the different segments have different relations. Relations to bus routes, bicycle routes etc. So after commiting my well meant simplifications I went back and tried to clean them up. It made me more aware of how the route relations are built up.

Route me township

Inspired by this rudementary understanding of bus routes I scoped out the town where I grew up; Ulsteinvik. To my delight/horror there were practically no bus stops, nor routes mapped. So I chose a simple one and made the route=bus. Added the ways it covers, and the next step will be to add the stops.