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Use favorites in OSM-IQ to mark tags you are interested in and export all your favorite tags to a different layer in a single DXF file.

With the new version of OSM-IQ you can export OSM to GeoJSON. The app will also create a HTML file that uses Leaflet.js to publish selected features in a web project.

Example: Points tagged with Amenity: Pub in Düsseldorf ![Amenity: Pubs in Düsseldorf] (

Nominatim Search in OSM-IQ

Posted by marco79 on 14 December 2014 in English (English).

The new Version of OSM-IQ 2go uses the Windows Search contract to integrate a search using Nominatim. This way you can use the Window 8 charmbar to search for a place in the Open Street Map database.

Nominatim search in the charmbar

New Version is also available in Portuguese / Agora OSM-IQ também está disponível em Português

OSM IQ 4 Phone

Posted by marco79 on 28 November 2014 in English (English).

OSM IQ has been released for Windows Phone.

It was never more stylish to search for key-value-pairs…

Nunca foi tao estiloso procurar pelo key-value-pairs…


OSM IQ (2go) in the Windows Store

Posted by marco79 on 15 November 2014 in English (English).

A mobile Version of OSM-IQ for Windows 8.1 is now available in the Windows Store. The app is optimised for touchscreens and ideal for mobile use.

OSM-IQ RT Sceenshot

Download now form Windows Store or see Details on

OSM IQ The freedom of OSM mappers makes it sometimes difficult to create a map with a simple styling. The new version of OSM IQ has new functions and is able to convert all types of geometries in order to use a common point style.

With the new Version of OSM IQ you can use XAPI to download only geometries tagged with a specified key-value pair.

Download dialog

Dxf Export

With the latest Version of OSM IQ( you are able to export OSM very easily to dxf. OSM IQ also support transformation during the export.

I am working on an application that allows you to download OSM data, explore the content and export it. The main idea is that a user can download data for a specific extend (a project area) and see what kind of data is available in this area. Geometries with Tags that are useful can then be exported to Shape or KML. I would say the project is still in an experimental stage, but any feedback is welcome.

You can find further explanations and the download under