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closed 4325290 keithonearth

bridge approx 10m


closed 403128 keithonearth

The India/Pakistan Line-of-Control (de facto border) should end at this point. It was never defined north of here. I would like to see the border not marked on the map from here to China.

closed 4169426 keithonearth

another stream, same style


closed 4169427 keithonearth

and another


closed 4105111 keithonearth

fork to building


closed 4105107 keithonearth

end steps


closed 3756297 keithonearth

pullout, restaurant, Yukon bridge

closed 4061520 keithonearth

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" for via StreetComplete 56.0:

This is how a construction site

closed 3897672 keithonearth

2 addresses, one illegible

closed 1196542 keithonearth

Is there a campsite here that could be added to the map?

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