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Mapper since:
August 06, 2009
Last map edit:
June 25, 2024

About me

I am an amateur map and mapping enthusiast, who is especially interested in mapping bicycle and hiking infrastructure.

I got into mapping by adding missing foot and bike trails around home, and when on holiday locally.

Later I started mapping areas I visited years ago, during long term travels in Asia and Europe, especially India and China. In 2016 I was lucky enough to visit India again, and did a 1000km bike tour there in the Himalaya.

From my travels I’m familiar with the Hindi, Arabic, Tibetan, and Russian alphabets. I also know a couple hundred Chinese characters. I’m terrible at actually speaking any of these languages, but being able to read menus and find my way around bus stations was helpful. Now I try to double check multilingual names on OSM, and occasionally fix or add them as I edit.

I have an additional account for imports, that is so far very lightly used.