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中国城市沿革 History of Chinese "Cities" 4 months ago

Well written ;)

Of course the main confusion derives from the usage of the term city with character for two different administrative division levels, prefecture-level city (admin_level=5) and county-level city (admin_level=6). I’m actually curious about:

  • What exactly does a prefecture-level city administrate in contrast to a county-level city?
  • Which distinction is there between county, county-level city, district? I noticed that sometimes a county gets promoted to a county-level city and later possibly to a district even…

Another interesting topic (experienced while editing in zhwiki) is the abandoning of townships or merging with other towns in some provinces but that’s a topic for another diary entry ;)

akarsu havzaları 6 months ago

Eline sağlık, güzel olmuş! Resimli tweet atsana ;)

Six months busy in Sichuan 8 months ago

Yeah, is great for checking the status of name:nn tags. From time to time I use it to check Greek and Armenian place names in Turkey or Tibetan or Korean place names in China.

Six months busy in Sichuan about 1 year ago

@GeoJess: Years ago I had started using name=chinese / english for counties and districts which I nowadays change back to name=chinese and name:en=english whenever I stumble on it. Still I’m using name=tibetan / chinese, name=korean / chinese etc. for places where the majority of population is Tibetan, Korean etc.

But I won’t use such a long name combination on ways like way 230560846 - it seemingly doesn’t get rendered anyway…


Six months busy in Sichuan about 1 year ago

Thank you! :D

Afghanistan district boundaries added in one month about 2 years ago

Thank you ;)

Hanoï districts and sub areas over 3 years ago

There are several sites where you can get boundary data from - see overview at

Afghanistan district boundaries added in one month almost 5 years ago

That script is really new, yeah! Since I did not know the copyright status of the shapefile I had used as source I had to trace over it manually though. The source isn’t too detailed anyway and using mountain ridges as guideline I got an even better result with tracing. Besides I had been using the place name file for AF from GNS which is quite good and maps from as reference!

New script to convert SHP into OSM relation boundaries ( almost 5 years ago

Maybe you can create a page SHPtoOSMBoundaries or similar with script information on osm’s wiki and add a link to it on Import a shapefile?! I happens that not everyone is reading osm’s diaries ☺

A MapRoulette Update: V2, Pedestrian Safety, GeoJSON, and Floating Ways in China over 5 years ago

I wonder how many (percentage) of those roads in China have been created by one user…

Alışmayın almost 6 years ago

OSM oyun oynamaya benzer fakat aynı zamanda bir şeyler oluşturuluyor; başkası akıllı cep aygıtına yazılımları yükleyip offline bile yol bulabilir - yani zaman boşu boşuna gitmez ;-)

Ama eğer evliysen dikkat et…! :D

Need contribution from geospatial specialist/cartographer from Borneo to update the map! over 6 years ago

Do you need these (for me meaningless) nodes tagged with non-osm tags ADM_TYPE, HQ_NAME, PERIMETER, RSO03200_1 etc or can I delete them? (example)

Sibersonik web tasarım almost 8 years ago


汉江流域 about 8 years ago

you’re welcome ;-)

rivers in China over 8 years ago

I kind of solved the problem after finding on (now defunct) which consists of a shapefile of chinese rivers. almost 9 years ago


Villa Turizm almost 9 years ago


Hotel Mevre almost 9 years ago


haubstrabe over 9 years ago


harita eş deger over 9 years ago