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Hospitals in Bosnia about 5 years ago

Great job! tvoje cipele mirise

A year of edits with OSM Streak over 5 years ago

Great tool, I have it in my bookmarks and plan to get some more internet points!!

Leaving the HOT US Corporation over 5 years ago

ooooo we got a leaker. Sorry to hear about your frustrations, hopefully these can be addressed.

I enjoy all that HOT does and they pale in comparison of dirt other non-profits do with money: IKEA, Susan G Komen Foundation .

As the official food of mapathons here is trump eating pizza.
Trump eating pizza

Metro Mapping Proposal (and what's wrong with proposals) over 5 years ago

I am trying to understand your proposal, i read it twice and then the comments for an opposing. You have done a fantastic job documenting a metro network. You even made a subway validator tool!!! I will be putting this on my to do list to try out. However, it seems from the comments that there are a many attributes to map a railway/metro network you forgot or at least people think you forgot. This is why I am abstaining from the vote.

Please remember that 90% of academic papers are never cited, having 2 dozen folks read and comment on your work is an achievement in itself.

Building Canada 2020 over 5 years ago

I love me a good internet fight

Pottstown over 5 years ago

Why would you say that? Its the home of Yuengling!!

A valuable find - free parking in Florence almost 6 years ago

The amenity parking wiki page says:

Use amenity=parking to tag a facility used by the public, customers, or other authorised users for parking motor vehicles

So as per the wiki if this area’s primary use is for parking motor vehicles the area can be tagged as a parking lot. Any additional tag will then provide more information (i.e. abandoned=yes, access=yes, fee=no, operator=none). I would stick with the additional tags already defined by the community but your free to add others (i.e. informal=yes)

A valuable find - free parking in Florence almost 6 years ago

I understand now.

For all formal purposes this parking lot unlike the others is “abandoned” just as the a road, mall, or house can be but you can still use it. Yes there is still signs saying to pay but its not enforced.

I would give it a tag abandoned. abandoned=yes

A valuable find - free parking in Florence almost 6 years ago

Dubrovnik has one as well

Searching for the Source of Ouse Dyke almost 6 years ago

I think this is more exciting than Confluence project, Highpointers, or the How many countries have you been in club. What would you name a group of river source enthusiasts? Seems like a fun side project.

Deep digital mapping about 6 years ago

You still need to add a yelp, tripadvisor, and google place :) Do you think that this will then put it on the Pokemon Go App now?

Expedition GIS and OSM in Oman about 6 years ago

Awesome story! Glad OSM can be used to help further science and expeditions.

I have to ask however where the data you put back into OSM is. Your account shows you never mapped in Oman, and in Al Wusta Oman there is no data younger than 3 years.

Candidacy for OpenStreetMap US Board over 6 years ago

Thank you for running!! I think all your proposals are feasible but have questions about each.

“Share my Location”

Social media friendly OSM. Sounds like it could generate more interest. How easy is this to implement ($ or man hours?)

Single Sign On

Would be great but would the $ or effort be worth expending or used elsewhere such as more funding for local groups?


I like the idea. How would this work exactly? The current aggregator of osm news has a dedicated volunteer staff. Would this be a PR working group of OSM US?

Mapping Mayor

This has been already done before with semi-success. Would this encourage bad behavior? (i.e. bad mappers just going for numbers)

How many POIs does OpenStreetMap have? over 6 years ago

That’s a lot of Pokémon go stops

OSM Awards–Decision Guidance over 6 years ago

Thank you for the translation! OSM Awards aren’t perfect but at least transparent.

My investigations of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex have begun over 6 years ago

Just light beams. The angels are in another area of the country. I didn’t even mention the Giant Stone Ball Mystery from this year. I got lost trying to find the place and leaving it as well. It’s sadly a big tourist attraction in Bosnia.

My investigations of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex have begun over 6 years ago

You are absolutely correct @bushmanK. There are many lines of evidence they are using to claim the pyramids are valid (i.e. beams of lights emitting from them, angles and distances to each other, ect. ect.). I am still collecting the datasets to validate these claims. Check back for part 2!!

I Ask for a #3 Buzzcut & This is What I Got! over 6 years ago

That roof behind you needs a few shingles.

Weekly roundup - Suspicous mapping over 6 years ago

I feel some hatred towards central place theory hexagonal hinterlands.

Survival Techniques for Hot Weather in Carlton almost 7 years ago

This talk reminds me of the epic debate…. Water or Gatorade.