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closed 3450979 CurlingMan13

No train tracks here through this person's bedroom and pool. Please correct

closed 1686563 freebeer

outline of college got broken here by some road editing

open 3906888 jkoether

USGS Topo still calls this Two Mile Run, where is "Breezewood Creek" coming from?

closed 2556116 NAXCrun

A new tunnel underneath Mars Road is currently under construction and should be finished by early to mid-Summer 2021. Get ready to add it in

closed 3104937 mjtokelly

This road is no longer one way now that construction has finished

closed 3495344

This section of switchbacks on the John Muir trail can't possibly be correct. It's been many years since I hiked this route, but nobody would build a trail where the switchbacks are perpendicular to the contour lines. I suspect the trail location is offset. Alltrails also has it offset, but a different amount. Hiking Project has two versions showing, one very much like this and one much better. Official USGS topo maps don't have sufficient resolution to tell.

This offset (and others on the loop) cause e.g. GaiaGPS to report the Nevada Falls loop with an extra 1500' of vertical. Unfortunately it will be a few years before I can create my own GPS track.

closed 1686538

Geneva R.P. Church

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