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S3DB in PL/PGSQL with PostGIS featuring SFCGAL

Posted by j3d on 28 October 2013 in English (English)

hmmm ST_StraightSkeleton() ... what to do with it? :),rot=326,tilt=57,lat=48.855,lon=2.312

I should mention that the large building complex 'Hôtel des Invalides' is only one multipolygon tagged with roof:shape=hipped and CGAL takes 15 seconds to compute the skeleton for it.

NY Bremen

More about new PostGIS 3D features

Yet another WebGL map (demo)

Posted by j3d on 10 August 2013 in English (English)

A short wrap up as this is my first diary entry: I've learned about OSM through a job at university where we started to develop a vector-tile service and an android map-viewer about two years ago[1]. Since then I've worked on the OpenGL map renderer (based on mapsforge), a vector tile format for efficient rendering (implemented as TileStache provider) and simplification of OSM data for lower zoom-levels, besides other things. Probably the biggest struggle was trying to make sense of the OSM tags and define rules how to render them properly :)

In my spare time I started abstracting the android specific code from VectorTileMap library through interfaces and use libgdx as a backend. Libgdx is a multi-platform game library which itself provides different backends. Its html-backend uses GWT to compile java code to javascript which turned out to work pretty nicely.

Ok, without further ado, this was all way too technical I guess, enjoy the demo :)

World | Bremen

vtm - tube theme

Code is on Github. Note: tiles below zoom 12 are currently reworked.