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Will the notes ever be published?

s/have seen/haven’t seen/

Will the notes ever be published?

gileri, I will remain civil, thank you. How do you know it wasn’t?

Zverik, because it wasn’t a transparent decision-making process. While there were two threads published on forums claiming to seek information it looks like not a single argument there was ever taken into account (I will not repeat them here for now), DWG just went ahead after some time without ever responding or providing arguments. Why weren’t notes published if there were no problem with the said process? To me it looks like a cover-up for deciding to appease a major “consumer” by ignoring smaller ones’ completely, possibly under influence of infiltrated agents.

To make life easier for others who have seen the discussion: If you don’t know Ukrainian and Russian I suggest you refrain from asking interested parties to translate for you because that may influence quality of translation, Zverik is an interested party.

DWG authority on decisions over territorial disputes

As a workaround in Leaflet I’ve added a layer with Ukraine boundaries long ago (will add URL by request).

Why are there not a word about this in latest Minutes? Was there really a decision about this? Who made it? Why is it a second ever activity of forum user for DWG (allegedly)? Is it really a DWG representative?