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Some notes about my OSM contributions

Posted by hkucharek on 29 December 2010 in English (English)

-Already some time ago, I traced the village I usually spend my holidays from Yahoo imagery

-To aid this, I programmed the first version of the "Orthogonalize" action in JOSM to replace the more restricted "Make Rectangular". Orthogonalize has improved a lot by others since my first draft.

-Found the map with German labels on and provided name:de for some thousand Russian cities, using the German Wikipedia as a reference

-Found OSM Inspector and fixed maybe a thousand self-intersecting ways in Germany and some other places I have more or less connections to. Working on this introduced me thouroughly into relations and multipolygons.

-Found and began fixing wrong opening_hours etc tags and collection some more from places I know.

-When I saw that my old hometown Lörrach has very good and well aligned Bing imagery, I began correcting streets, tracing power lines and now do buildings. Almost halfway through. It is a nice way of remembering old times while looking at todays Bing imagery and remembering how it was 30 years ago in some places.

I'm basically an armchair mapper, but there is plenty to do...

Began Seget-Vranjica near Trogir in Croatia

Posted by hkucharek on 14 September 2008 in English (English)

I often spend my summer holidays there and began now tracing roads from Yahoo-imaging, adding items. I also have a few gps logger tracks from last year I used e.g. to trace the new part of the E-65. The tracks also proved that the Yahoo images match very well.
When hopefully again there next year, I will add names to roads and places and improve classification.
Update 26.09.08:
I've added plenty of data, trying out possibilities and getting used to JOSM and some handy plugins. I also begin to add buildings. Next time I'm there, I've plenty to check. :-)

Location: Okrug Donji, Seget Donji, Split-Dalmatia, 21218, Croatia