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How to detect "strange" OSM imports? Check the special keys on taginfo about 5 years ago

Many imports use some variant of “id”, “…:id” or “uuid”.

Doesn’t imply they are “strange”, though.

Find facilities which are missing an opening_hours tag but have a website tag about 6 years ago

This could be a nice “Wochenaufgabe”.

Schilderkennung – erster Erfolg almost 8 years ago

Es gibt extra OpenCV4Android: . Das klingt doch geradezu ideal. (Du selbst wirst es vermutlich schon gesehen haben, aber ich dachte ich erwähne es für die interessierten Mitleser.)

Methods to Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Week With Diet – Brief and additionally Nourishing? about 9 years ago

SPAM with invalid links. How annoying and ineffective at the same time!

Embassy about 9 years ago

There is amenity=embassy and it also has a flag icon on the map.

Maps on HTC Desire about 9 years ago

Yes, there is quite a selection for Android based phones:

Now your choice is whether you just want to display the map at your position, or if you need offline search or navigation, how much you’re willing to pay, and so on.

g over 9 years ago

Nice try, but links are with "nofollow" anyway.

mapnik almost 10 years ago

Geht auch härter :-) Tiergartentunnel in Berlin:

More on Warwick University campus almost 11 years ago