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Posted by Steve Chilton on 7 February 2010 in English (English)

Had an Admission Day visit with my son to Warwick University yesterday. Third son and felt like one to many Uni visits - all one big blur eventually. So missed the parents bit in the afternoon (Why Chemistry is fun!) and added some more detail to the mapping of the extensive campus. Concentrated on the halls area around Scarman road and the access to the Sports and other Uni facilities N of Kirby Corner Road. With aid of GPS added in loads of service roads and paths, plus the bicycle_parking that I came across. Didn't add buildings. Someone else will have to go back and do that - not quite sure how main campus buildings have been added. Did add an estimated version of the lake, by proximity to paths and other features, and interpolation. Need to go and add barrier=lift_gate to the mapnik rendering as there are many of them controlling access to parts of the campus. Good to do, and good exercise on a chilly afternoon.

Comment from Milliams on 8 February 2010 at 16:03

I too am unsure where the high quality building outlines came from. There's certainly no decent enough satellite imagery and the OOC maps are all from before the campus was built. It's a little suspicious and I fear that they may have been copied from a copyrighted source.

Comment from evolvedlight on 8 February 2010 at 17:12


Sorry for my delay in responding.

My name is Stephen Brown and I'm responsible for a good number of the building outlines. I did this from published pdf maps that the university produces. I have permission to do this from the University and they also have some aerial imagery that they have given me permission to use freely. However, the aerial imagery is not top-down enough for any serious tracing, and more for reference.

I'll go and write up the agreements we have now in the wiki.


Comment from evolvedlight on 8 February 2010 at 17:29

I don't think the page has the correct title, but at least the information is out there!

Comment from EdLoach on 9 February 2010 at 07:06

I've added a space to the page name and linked to it from the Warwickshire page.

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