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Mapillary Bilder aus Gopro Max 360° Video extrahieren

Does the video also do “horizon levelling” for you? The 2 second photo time lapse does not! Very annoying.

NaPTAN Aberdeen Import Summary

Did you encounter any cases of bus stops that no longer exist, but had been mapped in Osm years ago when they hopefully did, and having to delete them? I don’t know if naptan retains every stop that ever existed - but marks is as retired or something, or if the record is removed as the stop is removed (redevelopments of areas and roads etc.)

Excellent work, and an interesting write up.

Complete area with Mapillary: Plan your drive

This is great. Thanks. I presume you’ve already looked at networkx ? It doesnt do routing as far as i’m aware, but will happily find you simple sequences on a directed graph.

Bike to capture 360 photos for Mapillary

I like your rig. Getting these things set up is surprisingly complicated on a bicycle, compared to on a car - which is also not trivial.

I’ve yet to find a satisfactory way to easily use my 360deg camera for casual map captures on my bike. As such it is only used when I specifically go out to map and I hold the monopod.

You’ve given me some inspiration though!