Mapper since:
November 12, 2019


-Man with desire & determination to learn, work and succeed. -Participant of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s Data Quality Internship. This was a twelve-week full-time internship between September and November 2021. It was supported by Meta and included training from Mapbox, OSGeo and Kontur. It involved in-depth training in a wide range of geospatial tools including JOSM, ID. RapiD. Overpass Turbo, OSMCha and OSMose. Together with 18 fellow interns, we validated a large amount of OpenStreetMap data across ten countries to ensure its readiness for disaster response and field mapping activities. Recipient of HOT Microgrant 2021, Voting Member of OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) and HOTOSM Voting Member

Validation Team: HOT Global Validator, Validator Trainees, MSF Validators, UN Mappers,HOT DQI, GES

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Currently I am working as a Geomatics Engineer in NEA Engineering Company Ltd.

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