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First week

Glad I could help 😀

Well, I didn’t know its history but since you asked I did some research! Here’s what I found : this alley was built around 2004, along with the Jardin des Deux Rives (a public garden). A few alleys lead to or cross the garden. Each of them has a theme.

The theme of the “alley of whispers” is communication. The city built quite a few benches (I know I know, I’ve got some work to do here, most of them are not mapped in OSM yet ^^), so that the people could become closer. I guess the name comes from the sound of people chatting one could hear when approaching the alley. Sorry to disappoint if you expected a ghost story with creepy whispers among the trees 🤷

Sources :



First week

I’m afraid I didn’t give you the best location to illustrate the history’s value, sorry 😅

Sometimes changesets are more broad than others, thus they cover a big surface, just like you guessed. In this case, the history might not be the best tool for the job, I’ll give you that.

If you browse locations with more small-scale changesets, though, you will see a more fine-grained changelog of the area. See this example. You can load more changesets by clicking the button at the bottom of the list.

I understand that your need is to get the history of a specific feature. To do that, the first step is to find the ID of the feature of interest, for example way/480798708. I know 2 ways of doing that :

  1. clicking a specific changeset and browsing through the list of modified features
  2. in iD editor, clicking the link to the feature at the bottom left part of the screen

Once you are on a feature’s detail page, there’s a button that links to its own history. See way/480798708/history for example.

Finally, I heard of this tool called whodidit that lets you find which user modified a specific feature, but I haven’t toyed with it yet.

First week

Hi Sebastian,

Maybe I can address your 3rd issue, which is related to the “Edits by” list. If you click on the “and X others” button, it will take you to OSM’s history, which can tell you accurately who edited what feature(s). As opposed to the summary provided by iD, OSM’s built in history is comprehensive. Hope this helps !

Best regards,