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Update NEW map imagery [necessary]

Posted by farhadGuli on 24 June 2018 in English (English)

OSM needs a new version of layers ,new imagery satellite layers , I found HERE map satellite its really a new map imagery that we can use full edits and see new roads with buildings... I hope of OSM to add new updated layers for contributing better by users ...

HERE MAP 2018: Alt text

OSM 2018 : Alt text

Gomap! App for Iphone and Ipad 🔴🔵

Posted by farhadGuli on 7 December 2017 in English (English)

After my laptop crushed, I started using Gomap! Application, it have many features like u can add places and making roads, making building areas, pointing trees. ..etc , OSM edits is like a cocaine I can't leave it . Click on this link to learn how to use this app : Gomap! Learn

Alt text

Alt text

Location: Batifa, Zakho District, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, 42011, Iraq

Its been 5 years I used Google map, but...

Posted by farhadGuli on 25 November 2017 in English (English)

I was Google map user, its been 5 years I work for it making new place names and lining roads and now im Local Guided user , but Google map has an old satellite version comes from 2004 especially in my town ! And recentrly stopped for making roads ! , Now I'm OSM user since 2014 but the things I noticed is the acceptable for my changes when you make new place and street OSM accept it quickly, not like Google map it takes 2 week for accepting or not. Im Glad to help with you OSM. And sorry if my English is bad :)

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Location: zembil firosh park, Batifa, Zakho District, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, 42011, Iraq

Hi Friends

Posted by farhadGuli on 23 November 2017 in English (English)

I'm from iraq kurdistan,zakho,batifa, I love this site its very useful, by this I added many roads and new places to my unknown town called batifa, I love the way you accept all our new suggestions about adding new place and roads. I'm happy for helping with you, openmapstreet its NO1 best map site.

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#batifa #kurdistan

Location: Batifa, Zakho District, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, 42011, Iraq