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Yesterday I finally filled in the last holes in building outlines and addresses. Each building has got its very own outline. There are no big blocks except for the obvious candidates: Franz-Josef-Bahnhof / WU and AKH. The latter could still be improved, but I am not sure about layering just now.

Together with all addresses (mostly as points within the building area) this is a nice step towards a complete OpenStreetMap that can be used for e.g. geocoding. I guess I achieved my 1000 addresses :)

Greetings to the other heavy building-mappers in the neighbouring districts and helping out in some areas: Dima M, ckschwoedi. Awesome work of wolfbert in the 2nd and 20th district!


Location: KG Alsergrund, Alsergrund, 1090, Austria

(Not yet) 1000 addresses

Posted by evod on 23 February 2013 in English (English).

Some weeks ago I was inspired by this post, looked for a more or less untouched place in Vienna and chose the former village of Leopoldau. I’m quite pleased with the result of some hours of couch-mapping, watching the progress being rendered is so rewardful :)

~900 to go…

Leopoldau 2013-02-01 until 2013-02-02

Location: KG Leopoldau, Floridsdorf, 1210, Austria