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closed 2425428 Robert Whittaker

Temporary Budgens store to open here in car park from 2020-11-23. check again after that date. #surveyme

closed 744601

Blaenavon Post Office now on this site

open 4122078 eteb3

This building appears to be mis-named

open 4042547 Trantion

Unable to answer "How wide is the bicycle path here?" for via StreetComplete 55.1:

Full width of the road, but two parking spaces so it's effectively only about 0.5m space available between cars

closed 4120886

No 2 east end then evens westwards
Opposite, Castle Electrics on the corner then no 3 (Headline Barber) then no 5 and continues odds

closed 2051071 pwat

A new cul-de-sac exists running South-East then South from here. About 60 metres total.
Evidence = site visit. GPX track available soon.

closed 3941958 eteb3

Does the cemetery chapel have a name?
Is it still exclusively Christian?

closed 3808473

Classic Stamford

open 1756118 FlashMapper

This footbridge is marked on the map and I am unsure if it still exists.

closed 2329472 eteb3

This crossing needs building/tagging correctly: I'm not sure how to do that atm.

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