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Hi everyone,
as i wanted to learn a bit how android works, i've started an
application to help my favorite community :)


The idea is to have a map displaying errors detected in OSM by users
or robots an have the ability to add your own report in one of the
supported platforms.
It's my first try in java / android , so it's not perfect yet but it
should works :)

So for now, OFM supports MapDust, OpenStreetBugs and KeepRights
(Thanks to all of them for helping me doing the app and helping the
community with theirs).

Of course, the application is free and libre , available on my github

I've also created a quick page :

All contributions are welcome ....

There is already translations for Estonian and French, and German ("de" is not yet published ... but soon!).

If you want others, please help me on transifex :

The link for the market is :


Brice Maron aka eMerzh

Hi everybody....
Here it is, the new OSM-Cu for last week.

is that i've try to manage a feed to get you informed :


(it's not perfect yet but i'll certainly make some adjustments)

Don't forget to drop your news at