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JOSM 7000 released (last Java 6 version) about 4 years ago

Not really. Currently OS X 10.6 is only used by 0.5% of our users, it doesn't deserve any special treatment on the front page. OS X 10.7 and later is used by ~5% of people, Linux by 25% and Windows by ~70%.

JOSM 7000 released (last Java 6 version) about 4 years ago

The Mac OS X package needs Java 7 since 6950, which is not available with OS X 10.6. You can either use the legacy Java 6 package, or directly launch the jar file with java -jar josm.jar

Diversification with OSM about 4 years ago

Not exactly.

JOSM is still translated at Launchpad. The transifex instance is a work in progress, stating "Test setup – live translation is still at". See #8645 for progress updates.

You cannot file JOSM bugs on Github, check again. It was possible in the past to create issues on this unofficial mirror (which seems not maintained anymore by the way), but we have asked to disable this feature to avoid confusion.

The only components for which two bugtrackers exist in the JOSM ecosystem are Github-hosted JOSM plugins. We assure some support of standard plugins (the ones hosted on OSM SVN), thus issues are managed on our Trac instance. For Github plugins we don't, so we upstream bugs to their respective project in the hope to see them fixed by their original author(s).

I hope it brings some clarification. I agree this is not always easy to understand, but there's not an evil plan designed to confuse people :)

JOSM 6950 released ! about 4 years ago

You tried too soon, Tom did only make the change on OSM side 3 hours ago:

But it's not live yet. Wait a little bit :)

JOSM 6950 released ! about 4 years ago

Pawel: yes, the default API url is now, so everything is https.

yvecai: You're talking about the "Update to Java 7" dialog ? If it does not work, can you please create a bug report?

Mapproxy for Danish Geodata Agency aerial imagery over 4 years ago

This is great news, you may want to add it to :)

The last two winter meet-ups, and first summer one TONIGHT over 4 years ago

Hey, I stumbled on this post by googling something unrelated and read this:

Grant wanted to announce that OpenStreetMap's SVN will be shutdown and discontinued at the end of May, because most developers (and more importantly the repo maintainers) are preferring git over SVN, and most sub-projects have been migrated onto git already. Don't know if Grant has announced that yet. Maybe I just did :-/

Well, I'm glad the SVN shutdown did not occur. AFAIK, none mention of it was ever discussed on OSM's mailing lists, and certainly not on josm-dev. We are still actively using it for JMapViewer, a part of JOSM core and nearly all JOSM plugins, and even if we could easily move back the small JOSM core components, there's absolutely no plan to move all existing plugins to Github. If you still have plans to shutdown OSM SVN, please discuss them widely before taking such a decision on your own, and please let us far more time (a one-month delay is not enough) to make a proper migration.


JOSM 6502 released ! over 4 years ago

Thanks you :) Be sure all of us do enjoy these grateful comments :) Happy new mapping year !