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Posted by dbqeditor on 17 September 2020 in English (English).

Hi! Thanks for your recent fixes!

I have a question to you as a pilot: I touched up many airports in OSM, and I was always wondering: how do real pilots use OSM if at all, what is helpful to pilots and people working airports, are there certain details that should not be posted due to security considerations, any details that are available on commercial maps that are just confusing when they present in osm?..

Would you be willing to write about this, maybe in an OSM diary entry?


When considering airports, you must put into account security awareness. All mappers should make sure when mapping an airport to not change any fencing prior to your edits unless it is because of new satellite imagery. Also, DO NOT publish info about codes or key locations. This can cause serious problems. Pilots do not use OSM because of the lack of measurements as pilots need them.

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